Mechanical processing

Our mechanical processing factory in Poland includes modern machinery which offers the a spectrum of various processing techniques.

Our mechanical processing allows us to work with metal parts up to 1.200 kg. Accuracy is oriented on individual needs of the customer.

The conditions of our tooling are supervised by sensor systems.

Our mechanical processing possibilities cover the whole spectrum, e.g.:

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Deep drilling
  • tapping
  • cutting
  • etc.

Our latest machinery investment can work on several products simultaneously with a rotating with velocity of 12.000 U/min.

The 4-axial machining centre allows fast and precise processing of the parts. Our modern equipment enables us to optimize our processing time per unit which gives us the opportunity to offer lower unit prices.

Moreover even complex working procedures can be carried out cost-efficient by using the automatic tool changing technique of up to 30 tools.